FMV-18x/AT170x driver for Linux (EXPERIMENTAL UNOFFICIAL!)

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This is experimental unonfficial another FMV-18x/AT170x driver for Linux. I recommended to you use official AT170x driver for Linux which wrritern by D.Becker (he is very famous hacker in Linux world), it is included into standard Linux kernel source. If something wrong for Becker's driver, use a driver in this page.

ここにあるのは FMV-18x/AT170x 用の 実験的で非公式な Linux 用ドライバです。標準的な Linux カーネルソースに含まれている D.Becker (とっても有名なひと)の書いたドライバを使うのがおすすめです。 それでうまくいかなかったらここのを試してもよいでしょう。



For kernel version 2.0.x user:

This is a device driver for the FMV-181/182/183/184 and the
AT1700/RE2000 series, which is a straight-forward Fujitsu MB86965

Original: fmv18x.c (1994 by Yutaka TAMIYA).
Modified by Hiroaki Nagoya (

	97/03/25	1st release (based on fmv18x.c)
	97/11/22	Fixed 16collision problem (I`m not sure ...)
	97/11/22	Merged with fmv18x driver
	97/11/25	Fixed missing IRQ enabler for FMV-18x (by Y. TAMIYA)
	97/12/04	Fixed bug of interface recognition
	98/01/28	Fixed bug of IRQ selection for AT1700 (by T. Nakamura)
	98/04/12	Supported kernel version 2.1.84

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